Free Education ….. For All

One of the Aims of the Bharat Sevashram Sangha is "To foster dissemination of the fruits of knowledge and education and come to the succor of the infirm, invalid, afflicted mankind by installing and maintaining free academic and medical institutions and other associations of charity in various parts of home and abroad."
And also " Particular, special upliftment of the backward classes, the down-trodden and outcastes and the tribals through educational amenities extended to them."
So the Ashram runs free classes for computer training, spoken English & tutorials. There is a library in the Ashram with a good stock of varieties of books. Not only the cancer patients but others also can join the classes and avail the library.  The patients coming to stay at Ashram often belongs to remote rural area and Below Poverty Level (BPL) strata.  They often get very depressed due to their physical condition.  These various educational facilities prove very useful to them.