Hygiene Materials

Here is the list of our monthly requirements of the materials we need for Housekeeping at the Cancer Home. Please donate  any of the following items:

Serial No. Items Amount
1 Phenyl 40 Liter
2 Washing Detergent for cloths (Tide) 40 Kg
3 Liquid Detergent Soap 50 Liter
4 Bleaching Powder 60 Kg
5 Metal Mesh for scrubbing and cleaning 96 pieces
6 Toilet Brush 12 pieces
7 Harpic 15 Liter
8 Naphthalene 15 Kg
9 Dettol 50 Liter
10 Dustbin Bags Big – 25X30 size 2 sacks
11 Dustbin Bags Small – 19X21 size 1 Sack

Pest Controlling

We need to keep the Ashram Premises rodent and bed bug free and as the occupants of the Ashram is constantly changing we need to do pest controlling after a certain period regularly.  This proves a costly and cumbersome project for which we need monetary regular support.
The estimated cost of bed bug and rodent control is more than Rs. 1 lac yearly. Any sponsor eager to donate even an amount less than that is also welcome.
Contact Us on: 263, Swami Pranavanandaji Marg, Sec-31A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400703
Tel: 022-27811327, email: